Established in 1966, Encardio-rite is a world leader in providing geotechnical instrumentation. We give you reliable and accurate data at your fingertips using disruptive technology. With us, technology and experience join hands to give you innovative solutions you can rely on. Evolving and leading for over 50 years, we go the extra mile for you.

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Our Expertise

Being the home to innovation and revolution, our over 54 years of experience, ensures we set the standards for the industry and foresee the future. We have been associated with instrumenting the world's largest cantilevered structure, the deepest shaft for a pump station at 110 m below ground level, the longest tunnel above 10,000 feet to name a few. We share our learnings with you. Have a look at our milestones.

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Our Products

Our hermetically sealed sensors are the most reliable and robust sensors in the world. Our range of digital sensors and dataloggers makes the set up fast and simple using plug and play technology saving precious time on construction sites. We offer multiple transmission technologies for you to choose, best suited for the project conditions. With our inhouse data management systems we offer the services to monitor, analyze and manage data from all kinds of sensors including Robotic Total stations. We offer you choices.

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Our Projects

With our futuristic approach, Encardio-rite provides instrumentation monitoring services globally for large Civil Construction Projects. We have worked with the best consultants and construction companies in the world, developing safety monitoring expertise.

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Clients we have worked with

Established in 1966, Encardio-rite designs and manufactures widest range of civil engineering and structural monitoring instrumentation available from any single manufacturer in the World. Our advanced monitoring solutions for risk assessments are fully automated using intelligent sensors, dataloggers, wireless transfer techniques and database management system. The real-time meaningful data is delivered at clients’ desk 24 x 7, keeping them aware of the slightest movement. Early warning system allows timely decisions, increased safety, reduction in project delays and cost effectiveness.

To ensure zero risk during the construction process, Encardio-rite offers a comprehensive range of sensors, dataloggers with advanced database management solutions. Our sensors are of excellent quality with high precision and reliability. A wide range of sensors are hermetically sealed resulting in IP-68 protection that result in sensors being almost completely resistant to effect of corrosion and ingress of moisture and water, making them best suitable for long term monitoring. All our products comply with the ISO-9001:2015 quality systems conforming to international standards.

Our geotechnical monitoring system facilitates automatic and manual monitoring of all key sub-surface and surface parameters like stress, strain, load, piezometric pressure, water level, lateral deformation, joint opening, crack, settlement, leakage and seepage loss, convergence, tilt, etc. The compact data loggers are very easy to configure and can transfer data to a central server through radio frequency or mobile network. The monitored data is constantly provided online or through evaluation reports to the construction contractor and consultants. This results in expediting work in the safe zones and taking prompt corrective action where there is a possibility of any risk.