Structural Monitoring

All man-made concrete structures, such as civil infrastructures and residential buildings are constantly affected and degraded throughout their service life by various kinds of factors, such as ageing, fatigue, corrosion, and even natural disasters. These factors collectively reduce the structures’ disaster resistance ability, and can sometimes lead to partial failure or even the complete collapse of the structures.

Cabo Fort Burj Khalifa Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta

The potential for such accidents is a direct threat to the safety of both lives and properties. With these rising concerns, structural health monitoring of concrete structures has become one of the top research focus areas in recent years. Encardio Rite offers online web-based monitoring services for the following:

Encardio Rite also provides monitoring of new construction to verify the hypothesis and the assumption of design parameters, safety during construction, and to measure the change in parameters during construction. It’s also necessary to ensure that the interface of construction with adjacent structures and foundation is sound. Encardio Rite manufactures various structural health monitoring sensors for structural control and health monitoring such as:

Web data monitoring service is provided by Encardio Rite all over the world for structural health monitoring. It is a web-based data management and presentation tool for data collected by Model ESDL-30 range of data loggers. Encardio Rite Model ESDL-30 data logger is designed to log data from sensors with SDI-12 interface.

Encardio Rite has provided its building health monitoring services to various prestigious structures in the world such as Marina Bay hotel tower, Convention Centre in Doha, Al Quds Endowment Tower in Doha, Corniche Hotel in UAE, Khalidiya in Abu Dhabi, Al Mirani Fort in Muscat, Cabo Fort in Goa, India etc.

The data observed from the geotechnical instrumentation described above plays a vital role in providing verification of design assumptions, manage the construction in a safe and controlled manner, safeguarding existing buildings and other structures and monitoring long term behaviour.

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