Electrical Multipoint Borehole Extensometer

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EDS-70V/EDS-70P Borehole extensometer measures extension that takes place with the time in a bored hole or in several bored holes in a rock mass.

This system is similar to the EDS-63U-D, except that the EDS-70V/EDS-70P head assembly uses vibrating wire displacement sensors (the EDE-VXX in the range – 50, 100 or 150 mm). Multi-core cables are used to transmit electrical output over long distances. The readings can be taken with a portable readout unit/data logger or through a remote automatic data acquisition system. This system is also available for use with mechanical readout devices.

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Instrument Name

Borehole extensometer-multipoint

Sensor Type

Vibrating wire


Available in two options - upto 3 point and upto 6 point, includes vw displacement sensors


Deformation in ground/ rock mass, such as in tunnel, power house, deep excavation, mines, slopes




50, 100, 150 mm

Key Testing / Calibration

Thermal cycling (-20 to +80°C), thermal variation data, accuracy test, waterproof test for WP version (Sensor)

Key Feature/Advantage

Can be used at location that are inaccessible

Protection (Waterproofing)


Dimension (mm)


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