Readout units

A readout unit is a microprocessor that displays the output data. Readout units and the data loggers make up an essential part of the monitoring system. The readout units are equipped with smart technology, which allows them to connect to multiple geotechnical instruments and record the readings. The recorded data can then be uploaded to a host computer or printed out on any text printer using the serial interface.

Encardio Rite is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of digital readouts for geotechnical sensors. We offer two different models of Digital Readout Systems that are robust, accurate, rugged, reliable, and economical.

Encardio Rite Model EDI-54V is an advanced readout unit, based on a microprocessor. It is curated to log data from Encardio Rite's vibrating wire sensors. With its internal non-volatile memory, the readout unit is capable of storing 525,000 readings while scanning from any of the programmed transducers. Every recorded data is stamped with the date and time.

The readout unit employs an Android smartphone with user-friendly software for configuration, retrieving, and viewing sensor data. The logged data is displayed in the form of tables and graphs, which allows the operator to verify the data and investigate any anomaly at the site immediately.

Encardio Rite Model EDI-53 is a series of readout units based on a microprocessor that can be used with various types of sensors. The readout unit is equipped to display the measured parameter directly in applicable engineering units.

The EDI-53 digital readout unit is placed in a lightweight splash-proof plastic moulded enclosure with weatherproof connectors for making connections to the transducer and the battery charger.

The readout unit is available in the following variants:

  • Model EDI-53L for resistive strain gauge load cells
  • Model EDI-53P for displacement transducers with 0-2 V full-scale voltage output
  • Model EDI-53I for transducers with 4-20 mA direct current output
  • Model EDI-53 UTM to read uniaxial tilt meters
  • Model EDI-53ELV for electro-level tilt meter.

Encardio Rite’s readout units are high in demand because of the impeccable features such as:

  1. Robust, easy to operate, and reliable
  2. Display of measured parameter directly in the preferred engineering unit
  3. Storage facility for calibration coefficients of up to 250 transducers.
  4. Data storage for either around 3600 readings from any transducer or about 14 sets of readings from all the 250 transducers.
  5. RS-232C serial output for downloading data to a serial printer or IBM-compatible PC.
  6. Powered with an internal 6V rechargeable SMF battery.
Portable Indicator for VW sensors


Model EDI-54V

Portable Indicator for VW sensors

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