Groundwater Monitoring

Water is essential for our survival as well as the Earth’s. We are presently faced with the grim reality of ever depleting freshwater resources due to a variety of reasons like over-exploitation for human use, the high degree of pollution, drying up or depletion of sources of recharge such as glaciers and runoff of rainwater without percolating in the ground. Depletion in freshwater reserves is going to make life extremely difficult for future generations. Efforts to save groundwater and monitor it continuously are being made all across the World.

Water level measurements from observation wells are the principal source of information about the hydrologic stresses acting on aquifers and how these stresses affect groundwater recharge, storage and discharge. To proceed with the groundwater monitoring well installation, the well is usually vented to the atmosphere at the top and open to water flow at the bottom through a screened section.

Groundwater Monitoring
Groundwater Management
Groundwater Protection

Long term, systematic groundwater level monitoring provides essential data required to evaluate changes in the resource over time, to develop groundwater models and forecast trends. Further, groundwater monitoring also helps to design, implement and monitor the effectiveness of groundwater management and protection programs.

Encardio-Rite deals with groundwater monitoring equipment that includes piezometers, transducers, temperature sensors, data loggers etc. along with groundwater monitoring software. The groundwater quality monitor is carried out on a regular basis using our reliable groundwater monitoring system and instruments. However, the earlier practice was to take groundwater level data four times a year that is pre-monsoon and post-monsoon.

Automated groundwater monitoring systems are ideal for long term continuous monitoring. The groundwater monitoring systems permit the collection of large amounts of water level data with minimal time and effort. The data transmitted via telemetry to a remote central location provides an effective database for regulatory bodies, researchers and authorities, which can be accessed on mobile and laptops in just a click. These systems not only allow data from remote locations to be monitored in near real-time, but it also eliminates any chance of human error in recording data. Also, the actual data cannot be intentionally or unintentionally modified by any person.

Encardio-Rite deals with several Automatic Digital Water Level Recorder and Monitoring equipment. The Model EWLR-101 Automatic Water Level Monitoring System provides quantitative data in terms of the water column, water table and the temperature in a borehole. The instrument measures the water level from a remote location and sends data via SMS or email. This groundwater monitoring equipment gives efficient and reliable groundwater level monitoring data to researchers and decision-makers as well.

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