Tunnel Monitoring

In constructing various types of tunnels, geotechnical monitoring is of utmost importance. It acts as an instrument for verifying the stability and strength of the tunnel, certifying the design, assessing the intensity and sequence of the operations involved during construction.

The instrumentation purpose is also to study the behaviour of the tunnel over the time, especially with respect to the rheological behaviour of the rock mass and obvious changes in the fault zones, walled sections, inflow, etc.

Tunnel Monitoring Metro in Tunnel Metro Tunnel

The need for modifications to the loading or support arrangement is determined. Installation of the minimum number of instruments to get the maximum information with the least utility is the sole motto of tunnel monitoring.

Encardio-Rite offers a comprehensive web-based monitoring solution for the long-term safety monitoring of tunnels. It manufactures a wide range of sensors which have a proven track record for reliability and long-term performance under harsh conditions.

Encardio-Rite instruments are installed on the tunnel roof and at selected arrays along the tunnel walls to monitor vertical, horizontal and longitudinal in-tunnel direction deformation components.

It also offers advanced monitoring technologies such as automatic 3D deformation monitoring using ATS, laser scanning and aerial survey using drones for keeping a tab on the structural health of tunnels and appurtenant structures. Construction survey related solutions are also available.

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