Dam Monitoring

Dams play an important role in the development of any country. Besides providing power generation, it aids in flood control and provides an ample amount of water as well as, recreation. As these dams age, there is an increased importance for effective maintenance and upkeep to ensure safe and reliable operation. There are a number of factors affecting dam structure such as hydrological, geotechnical, structural, and power-related. A wide variety of dam monitoring instrumentation is required for dam monitoring.

Encardio-Rite offers a simple to use, comprehensive, and cost-effective solution to the users for online monitoring of different types of dams. This includes supply, installation, calibration, maintenance, data collection and web-based data monitoring service that provides information in most suitable forms for easy interpretation of the monitored data.


Encardio-Rite model Data loggers and telemetry equipment that works together to measure critical parameters offer data logging, reporting, control, and alarms. Data can be logged over time to provide information regarding the effects of ageing, earthquakes, erosion, storm events, and other variables on the overall health of the dam. Alarm limits can be set to warn potential failures. Data loggers provide 24*7 dam monitoring so no movement is unattended.

Following solutions are available with Encardio-Rite for online monitoring of dams:

  • Geotechnical sensors to measure all relevant parameters required to monitor different types of dams.
  • Group of strain gauges, pressure cells for measurement of strain developed in the foundation of the dam.
  • Load cells on retaining anchors to determine the deformations in the left bank/right bank of dams.
  • Multipoint borehole extensometers to determine relative movements in the underground cavities/tunnels.
  • Hydrostatic settlement monitoring systems to measure foundation settlements.
  • Piezometers to monitor groundwater pressure in the foundation and in the area surrounding the dam.
  • Vibrating wire uniaxial and triaxial joint meters to determine relative movement in between the overflow and non- overflow blocks of the dam.
  • Tiltmeter to determine the change in the tilt of various components of the structure.
  • The electronic plumb line to determine relative displacement between the dam top and dam gallery and also in between the dam gallery and the foundation.
  • Seismic monitoring using our model seismometers / strong-motion accelerographs in the dam body and the gallery.
  • Automatic monitoring of geotechnical sensors using SDI-12 digital interface data logger with GSM/GPRS telemetry.
  • Automatic monitoring of geotechnical sensors using LoRa nodes and a gateway.
  • Geodetic monitoring with automatic total stations (ATS) with GSM/GPRS telemetry.
  • Laser scanning
  • Surveying by UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) or drones.
  • Public cloud-based web data management service (WDMS) that provides data online (with alarms) to authorized users at different locations on their computers/mobile devices.
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