Displacement, Crack meter, Joint meter

A displacement sensor is designed to measure linear displacement by converting mechanical motions into readable electrical signals. Crack Meters (crack width meter) and Joint Meters are Positions and Displacement Sensors/Transducers with anchors and ball joints.

Encardio Rite is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Displacement sensors, Crack Meters, and Joint Meters. We deal with some of the most reliable, precision-made, affordable, and long-lasting temperature sensors.

Encardio Rite's range of Displacement Sensor, Crack Meter, and Joint Meter Include:

1. Model EDJ-50V - Embedment Joint Meter:

The EDJ-50V is designed to measure movement between joints of concrete blocks in a concrete dam and is suitable for embedment applications. It consists of a plastic housing with a stainless steel flange on one end, and a stainless steel socket on the other.

2. Model EDJ-40T - Triaxial Crack/Joint Meter:

The Model EDJ-40T triaxial joint meter comprises three EDE-VXX range of vibrating wire displacement sensors. Different mounting arrangements are available to suit various applications.

3. Model EDE-VXX - Vibrating Wire Type:

The EDE-VXX linear displacement transducer is integrated with a vibrating wire sensor that converts mechanical displacement to electrical frequency output. The sensor can be used in different other instruments like uniaxial joint meters, triaxial joint meters, crack meters, borehole extensometers, soil extensometers, etc.

4. Model EDE-PXX - Potentiometric Type:

The Encardio Rite model EDE-PXX linear potentiometric displacement sensor is used in geotechnical and structural applications where it is difficult to take direct mechanical readings due to inaccessibility.

5. Model EDJ-40V - Surface Crack Meter:

This crack-joint meter is designed for surface joint measurement and consists of an EDE-VXX vibrating wire displacement transducer, fixed between anchors, and installed on opposite sides of the crack joint.

6. Model EDJ-40C - Uniaxial Scale Type:

The EDJ-40C crack meter is ideally suited for measuring the change in width of a surface crack to a resolution of 0.5 mm. It is integrated with a graduated scale and a transparent acrylic plate with a hairline cursor mark. The assembly when installed across the crack, the graduated scale and cursor move relative to each other depending upon the crack opening or closing.

7. Model EDJ-40C2 - Biaxial Scale Type:

Model EDJ-40C2 is a biaxial mechanical crack meter with a marking of ±25 mm (x-axis) and ±10 mm (y-axis). It is ideally suited for measuring the change in width of a surface crack to a resolution of 0.5 mm or shearing.

8. Model EDJ-41M - Uniaxial Bolt Type:

The model EDJ-41M is used for monitoring cracks, joints, and fissures. It consists of two stainless steel round datum blocks that are installed on either side of the opening. Each datum block has a groove on the surface along the circumference to assist in taking readings.

9. Model EDJ-40TJ - Triaxial:

Encardio Rite model EDJ-40TJ triaxial crack/joint meter is used for surface measurement. Surface crack/joint measurements can be made either on the surface or at locations accessible from galleries (in the case of the dam).

The quality of Encardio Rite’s temperature sensor, crack meter gauge, crack width meter, and digital/analog displacement sensor is one of the best in the market because:

  1. They are reliable, low-cost, accurate, and easy to install
  2. They are corrosion-proof, rugged, and have robust construction
  3. They are adaptable to data loggers and data acquisition systems
  4. They have ‘O’ ring protection against water ingression which makes them completely waterproof
  5. They are unaffected by changes in atmospheric pressure
Vibrating Wire Type



Vibrating Wire Type

Potentiometric Type



Potentiometric Type

Surface Crack Meter


Model EDJ-40V

Surface Crack Meter

Embedment Joint Meter


Model EDJ-50V

Embedment Joint Meter

Triaxial Crack/Joint Meter


Model EDJ-40T

Triaxial Crack/Joint Meter

Uniaxial Scale Type


Model EDJ-40C

Uniaxial Scale Type

Biaxial Scale Type


Model EDJ-40C2

Biaxial Scale Type

Uniaxial Bolt Type


Model EDJ-41M

Uniaxial Bolt Type



Model EDJ-40TJ


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