Vibrating Wire Displacement Transducers

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The EDE-VXX linear displacement transducer integrated with a vibrating wire sensor that converts mechanical displacement to an electrical frequency output. This output can be transmitted over long distances and read or logged by Encardio-rite model EDI-51V remote digital readout unit or Encardio-rite model EDAS-10 data acquisition system. The sensor can be used in different other instruments like uniaxial joint meters, triaxial joint meters, crack meters, borehole extensometers, soil extensometers etc.

The sensor is available in the following variants:

  • EDE-VXX-SC with side cable (suitable for crack gage)
  • EDE-VXX-RC with rear cable (suitable for BHE)
  • EDE-VXX-WP waterproof

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Instrument Name

Displacement sensor

Sensor Type

Vibrating wire


3 variants available, to suit different applications


To measure displacement, used in crack meters and extensometers, in pile testing




15, 25, 50, 100 or 150 mm

Key Testing / Calibration

Thermal cycling (-20 to +80°C), Thermal variation data, accuracy test, waterproof test for WP version

Key Feature/Advantage

Versatile sensor, can be used reliably in harsh environment or under deep water

Protection (Waterproofing)

IP-68, water resistant up to 40 mwc, waterproof version up to 100 mwc

Dimension (mm)

Depends on range

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