Landslide Monitoring

The destruction caused by landslide can be drastically reduced by an effective forewarning system that can mitigate risks and loss to human lives and infrastructure. Unstable slopes require monitoring systems that can be accessed remotely and provide an immediate warning in case of failure. Advances in geotechnical instrumentation, surveying technologies and data transmission systems now make it possible to monitor these slopes conveniently and economically to avoid landslides and mishaps.

Encardio Rite offers end-to-end instrumentation for monitoring of landslides and slope stabilization. From our in-house developed online web based database system, to a comprehensive range of sensors, dataloggers and advanced systems like ATS, Laser scanning, Drone, we offer complete monitoring solution for risk mitigation.

Owing to the critical nature of the slope stabilization works in landslide prone area or around a critical/heritage building on hill, the instrumentation used and the manpower deployed for installation, monitoring, and maintenance of instruments have therefore to be top quality and reliable. Encardio Rite with an experience of over half a century is a best choice for monitoring instrumentation in this sector.

The automated, near real time, reliable information at stakeholder's fingertips warns them in time for risk management and mitigation.

Parameters monitored

  • Water level, water pressure
  • Lateral movement, inclination
  • Deformation, settlement
  • Load/force
  • Rainfall

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