Landslide Monitoring

On hillsides, gravity is constantly working to pull the soil and rock downslope and, rainfall infiltrating into the ground changes the forces or stresses acting on those hillside materials. If the changes in stress are large enough to overcome the strength of the hillside materials, a landslide occurs.

One of the major causes of the landslide is heavy or prolonged rainfall. The destruction caused by rainfall can be drastically reduced by a good prediction and forewarning system. When implemented with effective efforts, landslides can be controlled and mitigated.

Landslides Monitoring System
Walls Monitoring System
Soil Consolidation Monitoring

Advances in geotechnical instrumentation, surveying technologies and data transmission systems now make it possible to monitor these slopes conveniently and economically to avoid landslides and mishaps. Instrumentation can be done using Encardio Rite instruments to monitor slope for detecting any sign of instability. Real-time monitoring of slope movement and other attributes needs to be done for landslide risk mitigation. Pore water pressure can be observed using vibrating wire piezometers. Lateral movements and deformations can be determined with in-place inclinometers, tiltmeters, extensometers, crack meters, and automatic survey systems.

These instruments are connected to a data logger. It automatically collects instruments data at a regular defined interval and transfers it to online servers for real-time monitoring. The data can also be transferred using SDI-12 bus. If predefined values are exceeded, consequently alarms are raised and SMS are being received for timely mitigation of risk.

Encardio Rite offers simple to use, comprehensive and cost-effective instruments as well as, landslide monitoring techniques. Landslide monitoring equipment available with Encardio-Rite are as follows:

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