Project Information

  • Location: Uttarakhand, India
  • Client: DRDO/DTRL
  • Duration: 2019 – Till Date (2021)

Narendra Nagar Landslide

The Real-Time Monitoring of Narendra Nagar Landslide uses various geotechnical instrumentation for the landslide investigations aimed for developing Early Warning System (EWS). The total area of Narendra Nagar landslide site to be covered for monitoring is approximately 0.25 km2. 

The real-time monitoring of landslide prone hill slopes involves monitoring plan that not only provide immediate warning of landslide activity but also provide understanding about dynamics of slope failures. 

Typical real-time landslide monitoring systems consist of following:

  • Geotechnical Monitoring Instruments 
  • Datalogging with wireless data transfer 
  • Real Time Data Monitoring Software.

Encardio-rite got the contract for complete monitoring works that included: 

  • Supply and installation of geotechnical instruments 
  • Supply and commissioning of wireless (GSM/GPRS) data transfer network
  • Drilling for all the boreholes required for installation of our instruments
  • Real time database management system

The geotechnical instruments included:

  • In-place Inclinometer for monitoring sub-surface lateral movement/deformation
  • Piezometer for monitoring sub-surface water pressures for slope stability evaluation
  • Borehole extensometer – three-point (electrical) for monitoring sub-surface settlement/movement
  • Crack Meter for monitoring crack opening 
  • Creep Meter for monitoring large displacements/deformations of an active geologic fault in the earth
  • Raingage for co-relating data from above geotechnical instruments
  • Compact  datalogger to collect data from all of the above instruments and transfer to central server

Location of the instruments were at three levels on the mountain i.e. at the crown, mid-level and toe. Drilling and installation of at all the three locations in the slopes was a difficult task, especially at the toe. However, all the instruments were installed successfully and are giving reliable data at pre-set frequency. 

Monitored data was available online through Encardio-rite’s in-house developed DRISHTI, a web based data management system. The data was available in near real time to the stakeholders on their laptops and mobile phones.


Landslide hazards rank high as they pose a threat to life and livelihood, property, infrastructure and cause large-scale destruction in the mountainous region of India. The potential landslide areas may take a toll on human lives in the near future and cause damage to the residential and commercial areas and infrastructure. The Real-Time Monitoring of Narendra Nagar Landslide involved various geotechnical instrumentation for landslide investigations aimed at developing an Early Warning System (EWS). The total area of the Narendra Nagar landslide site covered for monitoring was approximately 0.25 km2.

Solution offered

Encardio-rite offered a real-time monitoring plan of landslide-prone hill slopes that involved immediate warning of landslide activity and an understanding of the dynamics of slope failures. The turnkey services included the supply and installation of geotechnical instruments and the use of a real-time database management system. Instruments included in-place inclinometer, piezometer, extensometer, crack meter, rain gauge, data logger, and more.

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