Project Information

  • Location: Uttarakhand, India
  • Client: DRDO/DTRL
  • Duration: 2019 – Till Date (2021)

Narendra Nagar Landslide

Narendra Nagar is a township in Northern Hills in the Indian State of Uttarakhand. The region experiences frequent landslides caused by flash floods due to excessive rainfall. The Himalayas and other hilly regions of India is affected a lot by landslides and landmass movement activities.


Landslide hazards rank high as they pose a threat to life and livelihood, property, infrastructure and cause large-scale destruction in the mountainous region of India. The potential landslide areas may take a toll on human lives in the near future and cause damage to the residential and commercial areas and infrastructure. The Real-Time Monitoring of Narendra Nagar Landslide involved various geotechnical instrumentation for landslide investigations aimed at developing an Early Warning System (EWS). The total area of the Narendra Nagar landslide site covered for monitoring was approximately 0.25 km2.

Solution offered

Encardio-rite offered a real-time monitoring plan of landslide-prone hill slopes that involved immediate warning of landslide activity and an understanding of the dynamics of slope failures. The turnkey services included the supply and installation of geotechnical instruments and the use of a real-time database management system. Instruments included in-place inclinometer, piezometer, extensometer, crack meter, rain gauge, data logger, and more.

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