Project Information

  • Location: Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
  • Client: Hindalco Industries Limited
  • Duration: 2021

Muri Alumina Refinery

In the Alumina refinery plant at Muri, red mud (bauxite residue) produced from the plant is stored in a red mud pond lined with impervious clay to avoid leakage. The dykes of the red mud pond are given a slope by earth filling to protect the dykes from erosion and provide stability to the dykes.


The dykes around the red mud pond required slope stabilization. The dykes and the groundwater around the red mud disposal area needed regular monitoring with real-time updates. Encardio-rite was entrusted with the monitoring activity for the slope as well as groundwater monitoring.

Solution offered

Encardio offered real-time safety monitoring of the red mud pond/dyke, including instrumentation to provide immediate warning for slope stability and groundwater pressures. Other services included the supply and installation of geotechnical instruments as per the requirement and reporting. The monitored data was made available with the help of Encardio-rite in-house developed DRISHTI, a web-based data management system. Sensors like in-place inclinometers, piezometers, and data loggers were installed to provide reliable data at pre-set frequency.

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