Mines Monitoring

Geotechnical instruments play an important role in mining to ensure continual productivity and safety in mines, whether the mine is underground or on the surface. In the case of underground mining works, ground movement is one of the most significant threats to the safety and continued operations, as it can lead to rock falls, tunnel collapses and other catastrophic events. In the case of the open-pit mines, it is very important to monitor slope stability/any significant ground movement, study soil behaviour and to develop means to reduce accidents and fatalities caused by ground movements or failure of surrounding structures.

Encardio-rite offers a wide variety of instruments for measuring deformations, groundwater, strain, stress, and load. The sensors have a proven track record for reliability and long-term performance under harsh conditions. If used diligently, these instruments can provide important quantitative information regarding the mining-induced behaviour of the surrounding rock/ground, performance of ground support systems as well as the safety and stability of underground mining works, as the excavation progresses.

The online web-based monitoring service provided by Encardio-rite enables data at the client’s desk with automatic alerts, warns the related authorities of impending ground failures or hazardous working conditions well in advance.

Encardio-rite also has expertise in advanced technologies being used today for safety monitoring and risk assessment of mining works, such as automatic 3D deformation monitoring using ATS, laser scanning and aerial survey using drones.

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