Bridge Monitoring

Bridges are an important part of the transport infrastructure. They represent a major investment for society and, an important part of that investment goes to inspection and maintenance. Safety levels in bridges are expected to be higher than in other parts of the transport system because the failure of a bridge could have severe consequences in material damage and human lives.

Taking advantage of modern technological capabilities, bridge vibration data can be obtained remotely, allowing for a near real-time assessment of the bridge condition.

Vibration measurements from bridges can be used to understand the dynamic behaviour of various bridge components (superstructure, soil, bearings, dampers). Their interaction under actual operational conditions estimate the dynamic characteristics of bridges, assess the mechanisms activated under the different vibration levels experienced by the bridge, validate or improve modelling procedures.

bridge pedestrian bridge bridge over river

Encardio-Rite provides services for bridge health monitoring and bridge monitoring system which can be further assessed for implementing the changes required during the construction stage and also to safeguard the existing bridges which may be affected due to the construction in the surroundings.

Traditional visual inspection techniques are both time-consuming as well as, expensive. They are also qualitative and can only assess outward appearance. Any internal damage may go unnoticed for a long period of time.

Encardio-rite offers a comprehensive web-based monitoring solution for the long-term safety monitoring of Bridges. It manufactures a wide range of bridge monitoring sensors which have a proven track record for reliability and long-term performance under harsh conditions.

Encardio-Rite provides a variety of instruments which measure different parameters affecting bridge structure which are as follows:

  • Vibrating wire instruments for measuring displacement and strain are strain gauges, pressure cells, vibrating wire crackmeter etc.
  • MEMS technology-based sensors like beam sensors, tiltmeters, and inclinometers for measuring tilt/inclination of the bridges.
  • Vibration monitoring to measure acceleration
  • Load cells for measuring force etc.

  • Our systems provide remote, unattended, and portable monitoring for highway overpasses, roads, buildings, retaining walls, and bridges. Advancements in sensor technology have made the automated real-time bridge health monitoring possible with the help of our data loggers that can transmit data over longer distances.

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