Bridge Monitoring

Safety monitoring is a necessity in bridges as a bridge failure can have severe consequences in material damage and human lives. Bridge health monitoring system is thus critical and requires intensive instrumentation and sensor networking planning.

Instrumentation & monitoring during every phase of a bridges’ life-cycle is a tool for not only risk assessment, but also to provides rich information allowing a deeper understanding of its structural behaviour.

Encardio Rite offers a comprehensive web-based monitoring solution for the long-term safety monitoring of bridges. Our in-house manufactured sensors and advanced systems like scour monitoring system and corrosion monitoring system, makes our solution quite cost effective as well as very efficient. We have thorough knowledge on the sensor networking system and time synchronisation critical for long bridges with large number of sensors installed.

We specialise in providing online monitoring data at customer's desk; where we integrate data from different types of sensors into a single database system at central server.  Data from advanced systems can also be included in the same database.  This helps in evaluating the data faster and better to understand any warning, resulting in prompt action preventing any failure or disaster.

Encardio Rite has expertise in monitoring bridges providing not only instrumentation, but also engineering and field services. We have executing safety monitoring for not only bridges under construction, but also for existing rail and road bridges (during construction activities in their close vicinity).

Parameters monitored

Monitoring instruments are required to monitor different parameters affecting bridge structure such as:

  • Displacement and strain
  • Inclination and tilt
  • Force
  • Settlement
  • Vibration
  • Scour
  • Corrosion

External factors such as wind, rain, fog, humidity, temperature, traffic, etc.

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