Harry W Nice Memorial Bridge Replacement Project

Harry W Nice Memorial Bridge Replacement Project

Harry Nice Bridge, also known as the Potomac River Bridge, is a continuous truss bridge with an approximate total length of 10,050 ft that spans the Potomac River between Newburg in Charles County, Maryland and Dahlgren in King George County, Virginia, United States.
The bridge has 59 lower approach bents spaced at 61.5 ft and 19 raised span and piers spaced from 116 to 800 ft. The bent/pier foundations consist of reinforced concrete piles and steel H-piles driven up to lengths of 115 ft.

Encardio rite’s subsidiary Rite Geosystems LLC in the USA was entrusted by Foundation Test Group to provide instrumentation and monitoring for the bridge, during pre-construction baseline monitoring and during construction. The monitoring plan was carried out to protect the existing bridge and other structures, utilities, and facilities during construction of the new Nice Middleton Bridge, embankments and other developments.

A number of geotechnical instruments were supplied which included Strain gauges, tilt meters, prism targets, crack meter, piezometers, inclinometers, etc. Rite Geosystems also carries out monitoring with compact data loggers, surveys, and generated daily weekly and monthly reports.

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