Deep Excavation Monitoring

During the construction of structures like high-rise buildings, cut & cover tunnels, underground car-parks, underground metro stations, and underground water/sewer shafts, deep excavation is required at several levels. Their location in urban area makes their monitoring critical for risk assessment as well as safety of people and assets.

Instrumentation is needed in deep excavation not only to ensure the safety and stability of the excavation and retaining structures but also to verify design considerations and ensure that the structures and utilities within zone of influence are not adversely affected.

Encardio Rite offers a comprehensive range of instrumentation with near real-time data integration for deep excavation monitoring. We have great expertise in the sector having worked on hundreds of such projects with established contractors and consultants around the world.

We specialize in providing online monitoring data at customer's desk; where we integrate data from different types of sensors into a single database system at central server.  Data from adjacent structures and survey systems like AMTS ((automated motorized total station) can also be included in the same database.

Our team of experts have wide field experience. They not only help with successful installation and monitoring, but also provide expert technical and engineering support.

Parameters monitored

  • Pore water pressure and ground water levels
  •  Inclination of retaining walls and piles
  • Force/load, stress and strain in retaining wall, struts and anchor bolts
  •  Lateral movements and settlements in the surrounding soil
  • Tilt, deformation and movements of structures within the influence zone. 

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