Education City Station, Major Stations, Doha Metro, Qatar

Education City Station, Major Stations, Doha Metro, Qatar

The Education City Station, one of the major stations of the Doha Metro Project – Phase 1, is the hub that connects the Green Line of the Doha Metro and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) rail network and students from across the region to Qatar’s higher education hub.

The excavation work for the Education City Station went upto 30 m below ground level, which was quite deep and therefore the instrumentation and monitoring work played an important role in the project.

Encardio-rite was awarded the sub-contract for the complete monitoring and surveying solutions for deep excavation, ground and structures falling within the zone of influence of the Education City Station. The scope of work included the supply, installation, monitoring and surveying. It also included a spiral test for an inclinometer installed in soil, regular calibrations, setting up an online web based data management system (WDMS) and maintenance during the contract period.

The monitoring program included instruments like inclinometers, in-place inclinometers, piezometers, surface settlement points, building settlement points, prism targets and automatic data loggers.

An experienced and proficient instrumentation and monitoring team provided services for almost 2 years. Monitoring reports included interpretations of variations observed in instrumented data, mentioning the factors likely to affect their behavior e.g. construction, dewatering, third party activities etc. These reports were provided to the contractor on a regular basis.

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