Sky Venture

Sky Venture

Miral is developing the world’s biggest indoor sky dive experience i.e. the 55m high Sky Venture Amusement Building. The facade is to be sculptured like a crystal with installation of equipment for the indoor skydiving, an artificial wall climbing facility of about 43 m, retail shops, and other guest facilities.

Geotechnical and geodetic instruments were installed in secant piles and in the soil to monitor the settlement of the ground for verification of the initial design of temporary work supporting the excavation. Encardio-rite was awarded the sub-contract for the complete monitoring work of the project that included supply, installation, manual and automatic monitoring and surveying with weekly reports.

Instruments used consisted of inclinometers, prism targets, tri-axial vibration sensors and vibration monitoring device. Online monitoring was required for sensors that were at critical locations. Automatic as well as manual monitoring data was provided in weekly and monthly reports to the contractor, client and the consultant with evaluation and interpretation for the variations observed.

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