September 24, 2022

Geotechnical Expert: Lagtib Hassan’s Insight into Geotechnical Engineering

Moreover, Geotech involves countless facets and procedures that ensure efficient operations, along with employee and construction project safety. Therefore, most newcomers and aspirants of this field wonder how professionals operate and what highs and lows one experiences on the job.

September 07, 2022

Our Chairman Mr. Amod Gujral Addresses The International Symposium

As one of – probably the only two- eighty year olds in the room, what I really can talk to you about is something that is unique to me. These are the experiences that I have collected along this journey, the learnings I have gained and what I have been able to do with some of these. I hope there is something of value that you can take away from this.

July 15, 2021

Geotechnical Expert: Steve Billingham’s Journey from a Technician to the CEO

 Not only is the industry one of the strongest backbone of construction, but it is also a necessity for safety procedures, monitoring, and long-standing of all kinds of structures.

June 24, 2021

Geotechnical Expert: Read about Jorge Martínez’s first-hand Experience in the Industry

In this article, we learn more about the geotechnical industry, its interesting challenges, and the first-hand experience by Jorge Martínez, Europe Business Development Manager from Encardio Rite, the leading company for geotechnical sensors and instrumentation. 

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