Wind Turbine Monitoring

Wind power plays a key role when it comes to renewable energy and is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy technologies today. Encardio-rite offers a wide variety of sensors for monitoring foundations and towers of the wind turbines such as embedment strain gages, sister bars, soil and concrete interface pressure cells, electronic plumb lines, liquid level settlement system, tilt meters, multipoint borehole extensometers, etc.

Encardio-rite sensors have a proven track record for reliability and long-term performance under harsh conditions. If used diligently, these instruments can provide important quantitative information about the behavior of the key structural elements of the wind turbines and provide an early warning of any impending failure.

The online web-based monitoring service provided by Encardio-rite enables critical data at the client’s desk with automatic alerts, to warn the related authorities in case any of the monitored parameters breaches its trigger value.

Encardio-rite also has expertise in advanced non-contact technologies used for safety monitoring and risk assessment of structures, such as automatic 3D deformation monitoring using ATS, laser scanning and survey using drones.

The data observed from the sensor-based and non-contact structural monitoring solutions for wind turbines play a vital role in safeguarding its structure, nearby communities and environment at large, providing timely warnings to take corrective measures. The cost of the monitoring solutions is not expensive compared to the losses incurred in case of any wind turbine failure.

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