Automatic Weather Station

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Encardio-rite model EAWS-101 automatic web-based weather monitoring station provides a precise, reliable and cost effective means of recording meteorological data. The weather system consists of standard sensors for essential parameters. Other sensors are also available on request.Standard sensors used are briefly outlined below:

  • Rain gauge with a proven tipping bucket mechanism
  • Wind speed and direction sensor; ultrasonic option available
  • Relative humidity & temperature
  • Solar radiation; sensors are available in two variations: 1)With a silicon photovoltaic detector mounted in a cosine corrected head, 2)With a high quality blackened thermopile protected by a dome.
  • Evaporation meter
  • Air pressure or barometric pressure


Encardio-rite sensors have an excellent reputation for providing precise results even in the most demanding environment of condition. The weather station can be configured based on the parameters to be measured or the sensors required. The system handles all data processing requirements, starting with collection and storage of data, performing the required calculations on the data, presenting the results in graphical and numerical format and generating alarm messages.

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