Tala Hydroelectric Project

Tala Hydroelectric Project

The Tala hydroelectric project is a 1,020 MW power project, which is one of the biggest joint projects between the Indian and the Bhutan Government so far. The project comprises of a 92 m high concrete gravity dam, a 22.25 km long headrace tunnel and an underground powerhouse complex.

The project was instrumented completely by Encardio-rite on a turnkey basis. The work consisted of supply, installation and monitoring of the instrumentation by Encardio-rite personnel posted at site. Encardio-rite is proud to have completed the execution of this prestigious project successfully.

Range of instruments used in the project included a piezometer, uplift pore pressure sensor, strain gage, pressure cell, temperature meter, joint meter, borehole extensometer, plumb lines, automatic water level recorder, portable readout units, automatic data acquisition system and seismographs.

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