Mangdechhu Hydroelectric Project

Mangdechhu Hydroelectric Project

The project comprises of a 101.5 m high concrete gravity dam from the deepest foundation level, two intake tunnels of 196 m and 150 m length, and a 13.54 km long headrace tunnel capable of discharging 118m3 of water per second. The 152 m high surge shaft has a diameter of 13.5 m.

Encardio-rite was awarded the contract for monitoring of the dam, powerhouse, intake, desilting chamber, surge shaft, pressure shafts and adits. Turnkey services included supply and installation of geotechnical instrumentation as well as manual and automatic monitoring.

Instruments used included a piezometer, strain gages, borehole extensometers, load cells, joint meters, temperature meter, plumb lines, seepage measurement, surface settlement markers, portable readout units, automatic data acquisition system and seismographs. A web data management system was also provided for online presentation of monitoring data for the client.

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