Copenhagen Metro

Copenhagen Metro

Encardio-Rite was awarded the contract for the complete supply of geotechnical instruments to the Copenhagen Metro Line, Denmark.

Copenhagen Metro Line is among the world’s most modern subway systems and a 24/7 rapid transit system in Denmark. The metro line is being expanded with the new “Cityringen” subway loop. The entire, approximately, 15.5 km long metro route proceeds through two parallel tunnel tubes, M3 and M4, in the subsoil of Copenhagen.

Metro rail tunnel construction on such a large scale in the heart of an old city poses a great potential risk, not only to the construction activities but also to the existing structures in the vicinity. To ensure the safety of structures during the construction activities, a number of geotechnical instruments have been used for automatic tunnel monitoring in order to detect possible deformations timely. This allows related authorities to take immediate preventive measures, in case of any alarms.

The instruments supplied included a number of load cells with automatic data loggers responsible for the geotechnical monitoring of the project. The data loggers were supplied with software to transfer data in a suitable format to Kronos, the central database management system for the project.

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