Bengaluru Metro

Bengaluru Metro

The Bengaluru Metro, christened as “Namma Metro”, not only adds to the beauty of the skyline, but also adds to the comfort level of travel. Encardio-rite was awarded the monitoring contract for both the underground lines i.e. UG-1 and UG-2 and majestic station. The scope of work broadly consisted of:

  • Pre and post construction condition survey for buildings within zone of influence.
  • Supply, installation of geotechnical and structural instruments used for safety monitoring.
  • Manual and automatic monitoring, optical stabilized visual monitoring.
  • Programming and commissioning of automatic systems where required.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reporting with data evaluation & interpretation.
  • Calibration of data loggers and sensors.

Instrumentation used included:

  • Inclinometer system for diaphragm walls and subsurface monitoring around stations and tunnels.
  • Inclinometer cum Magnetic extensometer for subsurface lateral movement as well as settlement monitoring.
  • Piezometers (vibrating wire, casagrande and standpipe) for monitoring ground water level and pore pressures.
  • Center hole load cell for anchors.
  • Strain gauges for strut monitoring and for pile testing and diaphragm walls.
  • Borehole extensometer for subsurface settlement and ground settlement points for surface settlement monitoring.
  • Crack meters, tilt meters, bi-reflex targets, mini prism targets and building settlement points for structure monitoring.
  • Portable readout units and automatic data loggers.

Package UG-1 and UG-2 required special settlement monitoring as the subsurface strata consisted on rock and soil saturated with water, which became very critical monitoring during tunneling.

Package UG-1

Contractor: Coastal TTS JV

Consultants: OCB Rites SYSTRA

Encardio-rite was awarded the sub-contract for the instrumentation and monitoring of underground section: North – South corridor (3.4 km) starting from ramp of Kims Hospital and ending on Malleshwaram Mantra mall road Ramp with City Market Station, Chickpet Station in between.

Package UG-2

Contractor: CEC SOMA CICI JV

Consultants: OCB Rites SYSTRA

Encardio-rite was associated with CEC-SOMA-CICI JV for the instrumentation of 4.4 Kms section starting from the ramp of Chennaswami Cricket Stadium and the ending on Magadi Road Ramp. The stations between the ramps are Kobban Park Station, Vidhan Sudha Station, Vishveshwarya College Station and City Railway Station. The alignment had a number of historical monuments that needed special attention and critical safety monitoring.

Majestic Station

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Client: Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL)

Contractor: GYT-Coastal JV

Encardio-rite was associated with GYT-Coastal JV for the Majestic Station project. Both UG-1 and UG-2 cross each other at Majestic Station. Construction of the cross over double layer crossing station at heart of the city was very challenging and required critical monitoring.

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