Open Standpipe Piezometer

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Model EPP-10SP open standpipe is used for measuring ground water level and its variation with time. It consists of a pipe that is sealed along its entire length and installed in a borehole such that it is open to water flow at bottom and open to atmosphere at the top. The intake is a slotted pipe covered with geo-textile material, to prevent soil particles from clogging the borehole.


The depth to the water level in the standpipe is measured by lowering model EPP-10/6 water level sounder (also called dipmeter) into the pipe. The water level sounder probe is lowered from the surface with the help of flat cable,with precise markings, for taking observations.The level of water in such a borehole or well corresponds to the water table at that location.The level of water in such a borehole or well corresponds to the water table at that location.

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Instrument Name

Open standpipe piezometer

Sensor Type



Consists of PVC slotted pipe and riser pipes, 50 mm od


Monitor water level in observation well in soil, rockfill


Water level


Depends on range of EPP-10/6 dipmeter being used

Key Testing / Calibration


Key Feature/Advantage


Protection (Waterproofing)


Dimension (mm)


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