Portable Indicator for Analog Sensors

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Encardio-rite model EDI-53 series readout units is a micro-processor based read out unit which can be used with various type of sensors, like those with voltage output, current output, etc. The readout unit can display the measured parameter directly in applicable engineering units. Potentiometric and resistance strain gage based geotechnical transducer from most other manufacturers can also be read by the EDI-53.

The readout unit is available in following variants:

  • EDI-53P for potentiometric displacement transducers with voltage output
  • EDI-53L for resistive strain gage load cells
  • EDI-53I for 4-20 mA DC current output transducer
  • EDI-53UTM for tilt meters with voltage output
  • EDI-53UTM-C for electrolytic level type tilt meters

Model EDI-53 digital indicator can store calibration coefficients of maximum 250 numbers of transducers. It can store either around 3600 readings from any one transducer or about 14 sets of readings from all the 250 transducers. Each reading is stamped with date and time at which the measurement was taken.


The EDI-53 digital indicator is housed in a light weight splash proof plastic moulded enclosure with weather proof connectors for making connections to the transducer and the battery charger.

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