Plot-11 Deira Waterfront Development (multi-storey car park)

Plot-11 Deira Waterfront Development (multi-storey car park)

The Deira Waterfront Development is located in the northern portion of the existing Deira District across the street from the old Souq, overlooking the famous Dubai Creek. The first stage of this development was to address imminent issues associated with parking. A multi-storey car park structure was thus built under Contract AC1130870 under Plot-11.

The Dubai Metro Green Line tunnel was in close proximity to the multi-storey car park construction area. As the project involved heavy construction activities quite adjacent to the tunnel, monitoring became necessary for the safety of the existing metro tunnel. The deep excavations for the multi-storey car park also required extensive monitoring.

Encardio-rite was awarded the sub-contract for the monitoring work of the project. The scope of work included conducting a pre-construction condition survey (dilapidation) of the metro tunnel, supply, installation, manual monitoring & surveying and online monitoring of critical parameters and areas.

This project was successfully completed despite the challenge of installing sensors in the existing metro tunnel as the running of the metro trains only allowed the team to work for 2 hours at midnight.

Automatic as well as manual monitoring data was available online through our web based data management system to the Contractor, Client and the Consultant in a tabular as well as in informative graphical formats, with predefined alarms.

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