Plot-13 Deira Waterfront Development

Plot-13 Deira Waterfront Development

The Deira Waterfront Development is one of the most important development projects and involves construction of a number of new plazas, mixed-use buildings and green open spaces.

Phase 1 of the project included development of almost 30 plots along the waterfront, each with its own development plan and design. Plot-13 is one such plot, located in the northern portion of Dubai in the Deira District, that includes a maximum two level basement (approximately 10 m deep excavation).

As the project involved heavy construction activities adjacent to the tunnels of the Dubai Metro Green Line and the Shindagha Road, the tunnels were monitored.

Encardio-rite was awarded the contract for the monitoring work that included the supply of instruments, installation, manual and automatic monitoring and surveying with daily and weekly reporting. Pre-construction condition monitoring of both the tunnels was also executed by Encardio-rite.

Instruments used comprised of a strain gage, a borehole extensometer, a magnetic extensometer, beam sensor/tilt meters, a tri-axial vibration sensor, a prism target and crack meters for monitoring existing metro and road tunnels and rail tracks. An in-place inclinometer, inclinometer, load cells, a piezometer and surface settlement points were used for monitoring the excavation work.

Online monitoring was done for geotechnical sensors that were critical using advanced automatic data loggers and data acquisition systems. Automatic total stations with complex control boxes were used for online monitoring of geodetic points. Monitored data (automatic as well as manual) was available online through a web based data management system to the Contractor, Client and the Consultant.

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