Marsa AL Seef Development Marine Package

Marsa AL Seef Development Marine Package

Marsa Al Seef is a mixed-use development project on the Dubai Creek. Spanning 1.8 km on the waterfront, overlooking Dubai’s consulate area, the project featured outdoor recreational facilities and lifestyle amenities that formed part of the Khor Dubai Creek development project.

The project involved heavy construction activities near the existing Dubai Metro Red Line tunnel. Monitoring became necessary for safety of existing metro tunnel during construction work. To ensure that the project proceeded safely it was also important to monitor the ground and groundwater during the construction period.

Encardio-rite was given the complete sub-contract for monitoring work. Scope of work included supply, installation, manual as well as automatic monitoring and surveying, reporting with evaluation and interpretation of data. Encardio-rite also executed the pre-construction condition monitoring of the tunnel.

Several sensors and geodetic points were installed for monitoring the safety of the metro tunnel and progress of construction. Instruments installed included a bi-reflex target, strain gage, beam sensor and tri-axial vibration sensors for existing tunnel monitoring and borehole extensometer, ground settlement point with deep leveling datum for ground and subsurface monitoring between construction work and tunnel.

Our advanced data loggers, automatic total stations with complex control box along with web based data management system provided online data to the client.

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