Plot-03 Deira Waterfront Development

Plot-03 Deira Waterfront Development

The Deira Waterfront Development is one of the most important development projects and involves the construction of a number of new plazas, mixed-use buildings and green open spaces.

Split into phases, Phase 1 included the development of almost 30 plots along the waterfront, each with its own development plan and design.

Plot 3 is one such plot that comprises of 4 residential, office and hotel towers with 11 – 13 floors as part of the new Deira Waterfront Development.

The construction work for the development of the plot included installation of a temporary shoring system before the excavation of the site & dewatering using a tied-back secant pile wall system.

Thus, it was important that during the construction period, the effects of the proposed shoring wall, excavation, dewatering and piling works on the adjacent existing metro station and tunnel were monitored to ensure safety and durability of the existing metro infrastructure. The ground and groundwater were also monitored during the construction period.

Encardio-rite was responsible for the monitoring work that included the supply of instruments, installation, manual and automatic monitoring and surveying with daily and weekly reporting. The instruments used comprised of an in-place inclinometer, an inclinometer, load cells, piezometers, surface settlement points, prism targets for monitoring excavation work as well its effect on the adjacent metro station and tunnel.

The monitored data (automatic as well as manual) was available online through a web based data management system for the contractor, client as well as the consultant.

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