Dubai Water Canal Infrastructure Package-3 Canal and Coastal Works

Dubai Water Canal Infrastructure Package-3 Canal and Coastal Works

The Dubai Water Canal & Coastal Works is a 3 km long project starting from Business Bay into the Persian Gulf through Safa Park and Jumeirah. The project included construction of bridges, property developments and retail facilities and of an artificial peninsula at the Jumeirah Park. Package 3 mainly includes the construction of a water canal and bridges over the canal for the Sheikh Zayed Road, the Al Wasl Road and the Jumeirah Road.

The project involved heavy construction activities, which required monitoring for the safety of neighboring structures including the existing elevated Red Line of Dubai Metro.

The monitoring work involved instrumentation at different locations to record every aspect of safety with respect to the Metro piers near the construction work. Instrumentation was done on and near piers RPN-410, RPN-411, RPN-412 and RPN-413 of the Red Line – Dubai Metro.

Encardio-rite was awarded the sub-contract for complete monitoring work of the project. Scope of work included pre-construction building condition monitoring, supply, installation, monitoring and surveying.

Instrumentation basically consisted of tilt meters, prism targets, building settlement points, tri-axial vibration sensors for the piers and rail track monitoring of existing metro line and an inclinometer, a borehole extensometer, a piezometer, water level recorder for the excavation work.

It was a challenge to install tilt meters on the piers of metro line as drilling was forbidden. The tilt meters were thus fixed on the piers using special epoxy to maintain the precision of the sensors.

Online monitoring was done for tilt meters and ground water level monitoring, as both these parameters were critical for the project. Our advanced data loggers, automatic total stations with complex control box along with a web based data management system provided online data for the client. Monitoring reports were also submitted, combined for geotechnical and geodetic monitoring data on weekly basis with evaluation & interpretations.

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