Project Information

  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Client: Investment Corporation of Dubai
  • Contractors: APCC Piling and Contracting L.L.C
  • Consultant: W.S.P

One Za’abeel Towers

One Za’abeel Mixed-use is a landmark project located between the Dubai World Trade Centre and Za’abeel Park. What makes it a true engineering marvel is “The Link” - a suspended bridge that links two towers at a height of 105 m above the ground. It is approximately 230 m in length with a cantilever of 66 m projecting from tower A, spanning in the middle of the towers. It is the world’s largest cantilever weighing as much as the Eiffel Tower!


The project included a complex instrumentation & monitoring regime that comprises precise recording and near real-time transmission of horizontal & vertical deformations, and geotechnical parameters during the construction process, to monitor and detect any unexpected behaviour of the building well in time. The task was to monitor and share the monitoring results in real-time, for towers A & B and the Link Bridge during the lifting and installation process.

Solution offered

The project required a high degree of automation for the instrumentation & monitoring as the measurements had to be uploaded to the client's FTP server in real-time. Unique I&M approaches were implemented by Encardio-rite in the project, both in terms of hardware and software, to achieve the best possible accuracy and telemetry speed.

Encardio-rite deployed four Leica TS16 fully automatic total stations with 1’’ accuracy along with the Terramove Control Boxes to transmit the results to the Terraweb database. For the monitoring of the Link Bridge, Encardio-rite used two semi-automated systems, that were located on the RTA bridge, throughout the lifting procedure.

The four completely automated 3D deformations monitoring systems were located on four pillars on both sides of the two towers to measure the 3D optical targets that are located on the North & South sides of the two towers, and also the 3D targets located on the gantries of both the towers. However, these four systems were not enough to cover the link bridge, as it would be lifted, as the position of the 3D optical targets installed on the bridge would change continuously as the lifting progressed.

Encardio-rite developed a software for the project that transferred the received and processed data from the Terraweb database, directly into the client’s FTP server in the requested format. Within just 2 minutes of each reading cycle, the processed data was available in Terraweb’s database as well as that of the client.

The installation of instruments and monitoring was a challenging task, however, it was accomplished safely and in time with the help of the installation team’s extensive experience.