One Za’abeel Towers


One Za’abeel Towers

This development comprises of two towers – a 305 m high Tower A and a 240 m high Tower B with commercial and residential spaces. The Towers are being constructed on either sides of the Al Saa’da Road Bridge that passes through the center of the plot. The automatic online monitoring method was adopted taking into consideration the criticality of safety monitoring of the Al Saa’da Bridge.

Moreover, the six level basement car parking required excavation to depths ranging from 23.8 m to 25 m depth below ground level. Additionally, the basements were to be connected by two tunnels located underneath the existing elevated road that bisects the two towers. This again required monitoring work.

Thus, monitoring work was divided into three sections

  • Bridge monitoring
  • Pier monitoring
  • Ground/Shoring wall monitoring

Encardio Rite won the sub-contract for the monitoring work that included pre-construction condition monitoring of Al Saa’da Bridge, supply, installation, manual as well as automatic monitoring and surveying. Instruments used included a strain gage, prism targets and temperature sensors for monitoring the bridge and the pier. Inclinometers, piezometers and prism targets were used for monitoring the excavation work.

Online monitoring was done for geotechnical sensors that were critical using advanced automatic data loggers and data acquisition systems. Prism targets installed on piers were monitored using 3 automatic total stations and complex control boxes with a 20 min monitoring frequency. All the monitored data (automatic and manual) was available online through our web based data management system for the Contractor, Client as well as the Consultants.

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