Purulia Pumped Storage

Purulia Pumped Storage

The 900 MW Purulia Pumped Storage Project is the biggest project of its kind in India. The project consists of a 95 m high, 310 m long lower rock-fill dam and 65 m high, 800 m long upper rock-fill dam. The special feature of the pump storage scheme is that it has a reversible pump turbine/ generator motor.

Both the dams have been instrumented by Encardio-rite, including the penstock, tunnels and underground powerhouse. The scope of work included supply, installation, monitoring reporting with data evaluation.

Extensive instruments used in the project include a piezometer, strain gauge for penstock, borehole extensometer, anchor bolt load cells, vertical and horizontal settlement devices, seepage measurement device, geodetic targets, portable readout units and seismographs.

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