Kishanganga Hydroelectric Project

Kishanganga Hydroelectric Project

The 330 MW Kishanganga Hydroelectric Plant is part of a run-of-the-river hydroelectric scheme that is designed to divert water from the Kishanganga River to a power plant in the Jhelum River basin. This project has been taken up by BHEL.

Encardio-rite was entrusted with this project for the instrumentation and monitoring and successfully installed various kinds of dam instruments. A great achievement was to successfully monitor the tilt of the dam with an inclinometer casing embedded in the rock-fill portion of the dam.

Instruments used included inclinometer, piezometer, inclinometer cum magnetic settlement, tilt meters, overflow settlement, borehole extensometer, load cells, seepage measurement, settlement points, weather station, portable readouts units and automatic data acquisition systems.

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