Indira Sagar Dam

Indira Sagar Dam

Indira Sagar Dam

Indira Sagar Dam on the River Narmada has the largest reservoir in India with full submergence of 913 sq. km. The project consisted of the pioneer design concept, first time used in India. The 92 m high and 653 m long concrete gravity dam had a slightly curved alignment of 880 m radius across River Narmada. The project is located near village Narmada Nagar of Development Block Punasa of the Khandwa district in Madhya Pradesh. 

Indira Sagar Dam has gross storage of 12.22 Bm3 and live storage of 9.75 Bm3. It has an installed capacity of 1000 MW and annual irrigation of 2.65 Lakh Ha. on a CCA of 1.23 Lakh Ha. The total drainage area at the dam site is 61642 sq. km.

Encardio-rite was awarded the complete contract for safety monitoring instrumentation for the project. Scope of works included:

  • Supply of geotechnical instruments
  • Installation
  • Monitoring and reporting

The comprehensive instrumentation included:

  • Vibrating wire piezometer
  • Vibrating wire pressure cell
  • Borehole electronic extensometer
  • Vibrating wire water level sensor
  • Seepage measurement system
  • Automatic water level recorder system
  • Vibrating wire joint meter 
  • Vibrating wire strain meter (spider- 5 group of 6 each)
  • Vibrating wire temperature meter
  • Vibrating wire tiltmeter
  • Normal & inverted plumbline
  • Readout unit for vibrating wire sensors
  • Data acquisition system

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