Project Information

  • C0303: Package 2A
  • Design & Build Contract: Ghweifat – Ruwais


Etihad rail plays major role in the ongoing growth of the conventional rail in the Middle East region. The project will provide the much needed connectivity between the ports and the industries. The existing and currently operated network of 264km will be expanded by over 600km in Stage 2 and 250km in Stage 3.

The project is approximate 140km away from the Saudi Arabian border from Ghweitat to Ruwais Junction (Abu Dhabi).

The Trial Embankment is being constructed in the Rail Head Area at approx. Ch.: 126+300. Trial Embankment is required to be constructed in order to test the suitability of fill material that would be obtained from the proposed borrow pits to ensure that the material can be used for the construction of permanent embankments.

Encardio-rite scope of work includes installation and monitoring of vibrating wire settlement profilers and settlement points for monitoring vertical settlement or heave in the trial embankment.

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