Deira Waterfront Development Plot-02 (Phase-01)

Deira Waterfront Development Plot-02 (Phase-01)

Deira Waterfront Development Plot-02 (Phase-01)

The Deira Waterfront project is part of the Deira Enrichment Project (DEP) - a plan to develop Deira and expand its footprint towards the sea. The DEP Masterplan seeks to retain Deira’s traditions and cultures and incorporate them in the revitalization of the waterfront area, a project known as Deira Waterfront. The Waterfront area is located in the northern portion of the Deira District across the street from the old souks along the creek. 

Plot-2 of Phase 1, comprises the construction of mixed-use development infrastructure, including four plazas, Osha, Afra, Maryam, and Hind. The Adagio aparthotel in Afra Plaza consists of 189 furnished apartments. The project was being constructed above the Green metro line tunnel. Thus, safety instrumentation and monitoring of the metro tunnel, as well as the shoring works, became critical during and after the construction activities.

The purpose of the monitoring instrumentation was to study the response of metro tunnels to the loads and surcharges imposed during construction and to ensure that the responses are within design predictions. The monitoring data also provides early warning through regular or continuous monitoring for excessive and undue ground movements. 

The project was monitored for surface settlement above tunnel centerline, the lateral movement towards the tunnel, change in water level, settlement of tracks inside the tunnel, change in load inside the tunnel, convergence inside the tunnel, crown settlement. Further, parameters like settlements, wall lateral movements, strut/anchor loads, bottom heave, etc. were monitored, providing confidence in the construction process.

Encardio-rite’s sister concern Encardio-rite Geosystems LLC in UAE was awarded I&M sub-contract for the turnkey monitoring solutions that included: 

  • Supply, installation, and monitoring of geotechnical instruments inside the tunnel to monitor the response of the loads and surcharges imposed by the construction activities; for shoring works
  • establishment, measurements, and maintenance of survey network
  • Setting up convergence monitoring system inside the tunnel using robotic total stations & control boxes
  • Manual and automatic monitoring
  • Weekly & monthly reporting with evaluation & interpretation

Geotechnical instruments used for monitoring and surveying during construction activity included piezometers, inclinometer, strain gages, standpipes, borehole extensometer, tunnel displacement gages, crack mater, track monitoring points, settlement points, and prism targets. Dataloggers were used for the automatic collection and transmission of data of the geotechnical sensors. Robotic total stations were used to automatically collect and transmit data from prism targets.

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