Langham Place Hotel and Service Apartments

Langham Place Hotel and Service Apartments

Langham Place Hotel and Service Apartments

The Langham Place Hotel & Serviced Apartments is a residential property located in downtown Dubai. The project included the construction of 13 storey and 22 storey high-rise buildings along with basement parking.

A comprehensive program was undertaken before and during the construction of the project for the installation and monitoring of the subsurface and surface geotechnical instruments. The project was monitored for parameters like surface settlement, the lateral movement towards shoring, change in water level/ pressure within and outside excavation, change in load at anchors, measurements of tilt for adjacent buildings, and prism targets for MSE walls. 

Encardio-rite’s subsidiary Encardio-rite Geosystems LLC in UAE was awarded an I&M sub-contract for the turnkey monitoring solutions that included: 

  • Pre-construction survey of the existing RTA road bridge
  • Supply, Installation, and commissioning of geotechnical and geodetic instruments 
  • 3D movement of MSE wall by robotic total stations
  • Setting up an online web-based data management system (WDMS) and maintenance during the contract period
  • Daily & weekly reporting, interpretation of results, and taking subsequent actions for all instrumentation associated with the project 

Geotechnical instruments used for monitoring and surveying during construction activity included piezometers, standpipes, tiltmeters, anchor load cells, and prism targets. Dataloggers were used for the automatic collection and transmission of data of the geotechnical sensors. Robotic total stations were used to automatically collect and transmit data from prism targets.

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