Project Information

  • Location: Doha, Qatar
  • Year: 2009

Al Quds Tower

The Al Quds tower construction, with 500 m height, 100 storyes and 5 basements, was a challenge at the time. Once built, it was to be the most innovative human habitat and the greatest landmark of Doha. This icon building could symbolically be linked with Al Quds trough, the analogy with the Dome of the Rock, the most important and ancient monument of the Islamic culture.

The foundation works included diaphragm wall. Toe level of diaphragm wall was upto -30 m. Excavation level was also up to -24 m.  Lots of instruments as per specification of designers were supplied and installed during excavation/foundation works and behavior of diaphragm wall was closely monitored. 

Encardio-rite supplied foundation instruments to Al Quds, through Ammico Contracting Company who were awarded the contract for piling and foundation work in 2009. Instrumentation included: 

  • Inclinometers were used to monitor lateral movement in ground and in diaphragm wall
  • Jackout pressure cells were used to monitor ground stress on the diaphragm wall
  • Anchor bolt load cells were used to monitor load on anchors
  • Sister bars were used in the diaphragm walls to monitor stress
  • Tilt meters (plates with portable readout system) were used on adjacent structures within the zone of influence to monitor any deflection caused by excavation works
  • Crack gages were used on adjacent structures within the zone of influence to monitor any existing critical crack

Encardio-rite also conducted pre-construction building condition survey of the adjacent structures, coming within the zone of influence of the construction works.