Project Information

  • Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Contractor: Al Hai Al Mukaddam
  • Year: 2009

Ghantoot Office and Residential Tower

This Office and Residential Tower had 27 levels. The foundation required deep excavation, for which monitoring instruments were important. 

Encardio-rite’s sister concern Encardio-rite Geosystems LLC in UAE was awarded I&M sub-contract for the monitoring works. The scope of monitoring works included 

  • Supply, installation, monitoring of geotechnical instruments
  • Weekly and monthly monitoring report submissions.

Good amount of instrumentation were used to monitor the behavior of diaphragm wall and settlement caused due to dewatering and deep excavation. Toe level of D-wall was -20 m and the final excavation level was -12m. The instruments involved in monitoring works included 

  • Inclinometers for lateral movement of diaphragm wall
  • Anchor load cells to monitor force on anchors almost 2.5. m from capping beam
  • Strain gages for first layer of struts