Address Jumeirah Gate Project

Address Jumeirah Gate Project

Address Jumeirah Gate Project

The Address Jumeirah Gate is a feature development located within the Jumeirah Beach Residence area of Dubai. It features two symmetrical towers (B3+B2+B1+G+77+Roof) constructed on a shared podium structure with additional connectivity via a low-level link bridge at Levels 8 to 13 and a high-level link bridge at level 63 to the Roof.

The movements of structural elements in high-rise designs (permanent absolute movements and differential movements) are an important consideration for design and construction. Movements that occur during construction and in the long term needed to be adequately predicted and accounted for in order to avoid potential damage. This required installation and monitoring services at the structure, providing a range of vertical and horizontal movements that may be expected under gravity and service wind loads at key locations in the building and at different stages throughout the building life, including during construction and in the long term. 

The monitoring instrumentation aimed to provide settlement, deflection and deformation data for the verification of predicted building structural movements. The monitoring needed to ensure that monitored parameters like inclination, direction of movements and stresses were within allowable limits.

Encardio-rite’s sister concern Encardio-rite Geosystems LLC in UAE was awarded I&M sub-contract for the turnkey monitoring solutions that included: 

  • Supply, installation, monitoring and reporting of optical targets during construction. 
  • Supply, installation, monitoring and reporting of strain gauges and tilt sensors on composite elements. 
  • Establishment, maintenance and measurements of survey network including levelling.
  • Manual and automatic monitoring
  • Daily & weekly reporting with evaluation & interpretation
  • Setting up an online web-based data management system (WDMS) and maintenance during the contract period

The instrumentation used included:

  • Embedded Strain Gauges: Installed across the floor plate of each towers at regular intervals through tower elevations and key structural features and used for strain measurement.
  • Prism Targets: To measure deformation during building construction and for monitoring displacement of building.
  • Bi-axial Tilt Meter: Monitoring of inclination and vertical rotation in structures. 
  • Precision Inclination Sensors: To measure inclination and direction of movement.
  • Building Settlement Points: Used to measure vertical settlement.
  • Robotic Total Stations: Used for deformation monitoring.
  • Trimble Digital Lev-el Machine: Used to measure vertical settlement.
  • Automatic Total Station Monitoring: Used for deformation monitoring. 

Online monitoring was done for geotechnical sensors that were critical using advanced automatic data loggers and robotic total station. The real-time data from the sensors were continuously accessible to the consultant/contractor at their desk, during works. This helped the contractor to perform their construction activities safely, without any delays or failure.

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