Hydraulic Center Hole Load Cell

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Model ELC-31V Overview

ELC-31V is a vibrating wire type center hole load cell used to determine the load in rock bolts, tieback anchors, etc. It is filled with fluid with a vibrating wire pressure sensor attached to it, to convert the load into a frequency output.
A solid load cell for stress measurement in tunnel supports and struts is also available on request.


Range (kN)/ID (mm) 250/35, 500/52, 750/78, 1000/105, 2000/130, 2500/0
Overload 110 % fs
Calibration accuracy ± 1 % fs
Non-linearity ± 2 % fs from 10% to full range
Temperature limit -10° to 50°C
Temperature effect ± 0.06% fs/° C
Thermistor YSI 44005 or equivalent

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Instrument Name

Center hole load cell

Sensor Type

Vibrating wire, hydraulic


Fluid filled with a vibrating wire pressure sensor attached


To measure compressive load, axial forces in struts, load testing in piles




250/52, 500/52, 750/78, 1000/105, 1500/105, 2000/130, 2500/0 kN/mm (ID)

Key Testing / Calibration

Accuracy test, Overload test

Key Feature/Advantage

Hermetically sealed with electron beam welding, great resistance to extraneous forces, long fatigue life, protected against dust, moisture and adverse environmental conditions

Protection (Waterproofing)

IP-68, water resistant up to 10 mwc

Dimension (mm)

Depends on range

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