Dataloggers with RF transmission-Nodes & Gateway

Encardio Rite offers an innovative long-range radio network solution that allows real-time monitoring of geotechnical and structural sensors in challenging conditions with reliable data transfer. With real-time data collected from the wireless system, the project owner, consultants, and contractors remain aware of the slightest change in the data. Early warning systems allow timely decisions, increased safety, reduction in project delays, and consequently cost-effectiveness.

In Encardio Rite's wireless monitoring system, the sensors connect with a long-range, low-power, wireless network through nodes that send the recorded data to the Gateway with utmost reliability. The Gateway, in turn, uploads the collected sensor data to the central/cloud server.

Encardio Rite offers the following range of wireless products:

EWN-01VVibrating wire node – 1 channel. To be used with a vibrating wire sensor
EWN-08VVibrating wire - 4 channels. To be used with a vibrating wire sensor
EWN-01DDigital node. To be used with SDI-12 interface sensors
EWN-01AAnalog node – 1 channel. Suitable for sensors with millivolt, voltage, 4-20 mA, Wheatstone bridge outputs
EWN-04AAnalog node – 4 channels. Suitable for sensors with millivolt, voltage, 4-20 mA, Wheatstone bridge outputs
EWN-01RRelay node. To enhance the range of any node
EWG-01Gateway. To collect sensor data from nodes, upload collected data to the Encardio Rite cloud server or a third-party server
EAN-95MWWireless tilt meter. It is a complete unit in itself including the sensor and the node


Model EWN-01V/08V Vibrating Wire Node

Model EWN-01V/08V series of wireless vibrating wire nodes are useful to increase the data collection possibilities from vibrating wire sensors with the help of the wireless RF network. It eradicated the need for lengthy cables, making it exceptionally useful in places where sensors are distributed over wide areas or where construction activity can hamper the sensor cables.

It is available in variants to connect a single (model EWN-01V) to eight (model EWN-08V)sensors with an inbuilt thermistor. The node is capable of exciting and sampling vibrating wire sensors.

The complete range of vibrating wire sensors that can connect to the wireless node includes:


Model EWN-01A/04A Analog Node

Model EWN-01A/04A series of wireless analog nodes are designed to expand the data collection possibilities from analog sensors with the help of a wireless RF network, eliminating the need for running lengthy cables. The analog node is available in single and multi-channel variants, connecting one analog sensor (model EWN-01A) to up to four sensors (model EWN-04A).

The Analog node is a highly reliable integrated system that collects sensor data and transmits measurements through a long-range radio frequency wireless communication network to the Gateway.

The complete range of analog sensors that can connect to wireless nodes includes:

  • Resistive strain gage-type load cell
  • MEMS tilt meter
  • Electrolytic level (EL) tilt meter
  • Thermistor
  • Sensor with millivolt output
  • Sensor with 4-20 mA output


Model EWN-01D Wireless Digital Node

Model EWN-01D wireless node is compatible with digital sensors (with SDI-12 interface) like model EAN-52M in-place inclinometer systems. It can also be connected to sensors with RS232 and RS385 outputs. Equipped with three channels, the wireless node allows up to 32 sensors to interface with each channel. It eliminates the need for lengthy wires and makes data collection possible from digital sensors via a wireless RF network.

The wireless digital node is a highly secure system that takes readings from any digital sensor, like an in-place inclinometer sensor chain with SDI-12 output, and reports measurements through a long-range radio frequency wireless communication network to the Gateway.


Model EWN-01R wireless relay node

Model EWN-01R relay nodes are used to extend the wireless range of the nodes. The relay node is useful in a situation where a node is unable to find a network path to reach the gateway, either due to the long distance between them or due to some obstruction in the line of sight. A relay node is then placed between the node and gateway, allowing the node to communicate with the gateway.


Model EWG-01 Gateway

Model EWG-01 gateway is an important device of the wireless network system. As the main networking device, it uploads the data gathered from all the sensors to the Encardio Rite cloud server or a third-party server. It acts as a network node for wireless communication with different types of nodes (vibrating wire, analog, digital, and relay nodes), having different transmission protocols. In addition, it passes control messages through the network to ensure seamless operation.

Vibrating Wire Node


Model EWN-01V/05V/10V

Vibrating Wire Node

Analog Node


Model EWN-01A/04A

Analog Node

Digital Node


Model EWN-01D

Digital Node



Model EWG-01


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