Model EWN-01R wireless node is designed to extend the wireless range of the nodes (analog, vw or digital node). It expands the data transfer possibilities from other nodes via wireless RF network.

Relay node is useful in situation where a node is unable to find a network path to reach the gateway, either due to long distance between them, or due to some obstruction in the line of sight. A relay node is then placed between the node and gateway to allow the node to communicate with the gateway.

The wireless relay node is a highly reliable integrated system that helps other nodes to smoothly transmit collected data through long range radio frequency wireless communication network to the Gateway. A cloud-hosted data management and configuration software is used to manage the network. The configuration is done with an easy to use smartphone application that comes free with the system. Gateway uploads the collected sensor data to the central/cloud server.


Drishti, a cloud-hosted data management software is available to process and manage the huge data collected at project site. The data is accessible 24 x 7, in meaningful visual formats, to all the related authorities. The system can generate automatic reports and provide automated alerts over SMS or email for any reading crossing the pre-defined alert levels.

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