NDRC Intelligent Traffic Systems

NDRC Intelligent Traffic Systems

NDRC Intelligent Traffic Systems

The ITS2020 Project aims to expand the ITS infrastructure, step up the performance of key road networks through improved mobility, safety, traffic control operations, and provision of traveler information for all road users in Dubai. The project involves an expansion of traffic CCTV monitoring, radar detection, and full matrix dynamic message sign sub-systems in addition to a complete Ethernet-based Fiber Optic communication network and an Integrated Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS). The installation was carried out using the directional drilling technique with launching and receiving shafts at both ends. 

As the project required the construction of NDRC 5.2 m below the Red line metro tracks (on ground towards the end of line), instrumentation was planned for safety monitoring of structures, as well as for the risk management of construction works, even though the shaft excavation was only upto 2.5 m depth below the ground level. The tunneling length was 43 m.

Encardio-rite’s sister concern Encardio-rite Geosystems LLC in UAE was instructed by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA-Owner of Metro structure) and China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd. to provide instrumentation and monitoring program during NDRC to assess the impact on adjacent structures including the Dubai Red Line metro pier as per M/s RTA code of practice.

Scope of services included

  • Pre-construction building condition survey of metro piers and its viaduct
  • Supply of geotechnical instruments, precise survey instruments 
  • Installation of geotechnical instruments including subsurface instruments 
  • Manual and automatic monitoring
  • Precise levelling 
  • Setting up an online web-based data management system (WDMS) and maintenance during the contract period
  • Daily & weekly reporting with evaluation & interpretation

The instrument used included:

  • Instruments for Metro track monitoring
  • Automatic Vibration sensor Installed near metro tarck to monitor any vibration caused by nearby construction works. 
  • Building settlement points Installed on parapet near metro track to monitor any settlement caused by nearby construction works

Instruments for surface/sub-surface monitoring near construction works

  • Borehole extensometer Installed to monitor settlement in the ground along the tunnel alignment
  • Surface settlement points Installed in the soil to monitor surface settlement along the tunnel alignment

Installation and monitoring of the above-mentioned instruments were executed successfully by experienced and proficient I&M team of Encardio-rite.

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