East Midtown Greenway Project

East Midtown Greenway Project

The East Midtown Greenway Project is expected to complete the space in the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway along the East River, giving the much-needed waterfront access and public open space resources.

The project is introducing new ways to connect the different areas. It entails the construction of the northern section of the esplanade that connects the Andrew Haswell Green Park at the 62nd Street and will include a pedestrian bridge to East 54th Street.

Apart from this tub girders for soil installation, a bike path, a walkway, and various light fixtures, irrigation systems, and watering stations.

At E 54th Street, there will be a steel and concrete pedestrian bridge erected. This bridge will span from Sutton Place Park, over the FDR, and onto a pile-supported structure at the esplanade.


Rite Geosystems Inc., our USA Company was committed to providing completely instrumentation for the East Midtown Greenway Project. Crack meters, Tiltmeters, and Data Loggers were used as a part of the process. 

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