Convention Centre and Tower Project

Convention Centre and Tower Project

Convention Centre and Tower Project

Nothing could better symbolize Qatar’s desire to create world-class architecture than the Doha Convention Centre and Tower which would bring a truly futuristic aspect to the Doha skyline. The Tower soars 105 stories into the sky and offer panoramic city views from its prestigious central location on the Corniche. It would have 300 guest rooms, 80 serviced apartments and 300 residential apartments. The Convention Centre, adjacent to the Tower, has 87,000 square meters of convention space and is destined to become an important regional and international exhibition location.

The project included 2 ~3 level basements covering full plot area. Thus, proper retention system was necessary for deep excavation works, which comprised of diaphragm wall, secant pile wall and ground anchors. Excavation depth inside the retaining wall was up to -14 m. 

Instrumentation was specified for monitoring ground and wall movements, dewatering water control, and anchors.  Inclinometers were used to monitor the horizontal deflection of secant pile wall and diaphragm wall and went 5 m below the toe level of pile wall. Ground anchors were monitored with anchor bolt load cells and groundwater with a piezometer. 

Encardio Rite supplied monitoring instruments through Ammico Contracting Company who were awarded the contract for Enabling Works in 2008. List of instruments used for the foundation works included:

  • Inclinometers (35 locations) were used to monitor lateral movement in-ground and in the diaphragm wall
  • Jackout pressure cells (10 sets) were used to monitor ground stress on the diaphragm wall
  • Anchor bolt load cells were used to monitor the load on anchors
  • Sister bars (70 no.) were used in the diaphragm walls to monitor stress
  • Open standpipe to monitor the groundwater level 

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