Canoa Quebrada Dam

Canoa Quebrada Dam

Canoa Quebrada Dam

Canoa Quebrada, is a small hydroelectric power plant 28 MW built on the Rio Verde, Brazil. Canoa Quebrada means ‘broken canoe’ in Portuguese. The dam is a run-of-river plant and has a minimum diversion dam, which stores water to generate electricity for short periods of time. The turbine system possesses 2 units of 14.43 MW each, and the generator 14 MVA at 13.8 kV.

It is controlled by Amper Energia Ltda, owned 100% by Atiaia Energia S.A. The primary objective of the project is to help meet Brazil’s rising demand for energy due to economic growth and to improve the supply of electricity while contributing to the environmental, social, and economic sustainability by increasing renewable energy’s share of the total Brazilian (and the Latin America and the Caribbean region’s) electricity consumption.

Main technical characteristics  Power - 28 MW

Waterfall 25.2 m

Reservoir 10.5 km²

Encardio-rite supplied piezometers for the Project in 2006 through its Marketing Associate in Brazil.

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