Al Muntazah Street Extension Project

Al Muntazah Street Extension Project

Al Muntazah Street Extension Project

The Al Muntazah Street Extension Project-013 comprises of re-construction and upgrading of new dual carriageway on Abu Hamour Road from East Industrial Interchange to Woqod Interchange and on F-Ring Road from Woqod Interchange to Al Jazeera Interchange. Purpose of the project is to provide a modern road network throughout the urban and rural parts of the city of Doha.


As per the specifications of project, it was required to establish two ground water monitoring stations each at five different underpasses. Ground water is one of the most important natural resources. Knowing the groundwater level is important for several reasons, including understanding aquifer levels under static conditions and pumping conditions, determining how the levels interact with local surface water sources and understanding how surface development has impacted the aquifer


Groundwater level measurements are the principal source of information about hydrologic stresses acting on aquifers and how these stresses affect groundwater recharge, storage, and discharge, during the construction progress. Thus, monitoring of ground water level became of utmost importance for the project. 


Encardio Rite’s sister concern Rite Geosystems WLL in Qatar was Encardio Rite was awarded the sub-contract for long-term monitoring of ground water level. Scope of works included:

  • Supply and installation of ground water level monitoring system. 
  • Commissioning of online system
  • Web based data monitoring service

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